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We do business the old fashioned way, yet with cutting-edge technology to back our efforts and market your vehicle to a worldwide audience.

Classic cars aren’t just “used vehicles,” and a classic car owner is a much different buyer or seller than those typically found at a used car lot. Owners of classics are committed to their cars because in many cases, they’ve owned the vehicle for a long time, have worked on their car to improve it, and in many cases, played a large part in restoring their car to a high standard.

At Classic V-8 Sales we’ve spent several years restoring cars for clients, helping them purchase, sell and ship their vehicles throughout the world. In short, car guys know other car guys and that’s how we do business. It’s personal. We foster personal relationships with individuals who have a big investment in their vehicle.

Traditional Sales Options

When it comes time to sell your classic car, you have several choices. You could buy a “For Sale” sign, put it on the car, park it in the driveway or at a car show, and hope to find a qualified buyer. You can take it to auction where your vehicle is just one of hundreds on the block, usually has no reserve price, and will cost a hefty commission once the sale is made. Or, you could give the keys to a consignment dealership, lose your ability to go to car shows, and again pay a high commission just as you would at auction.

Think Locally, Market Globally

The real question is, why limit your classic car to a local market, when there are potentially millions of qualified buyers looking for what you have in your garage? Research shows that 80% of all classic car buyers shop online to find the vehicle they want, so why not market your classic on a global level?

The Classic V8 Sales Advantage

With Classic V8 Sales, we hire local sales agents that know classic cars. Our agent visits your vehicle, shoots photos and HD video, and talks to you about the particulars that make your classic car unique. We combine this information with recent sales data to help you determine the fair market value for your vehicle. Next, we list your vehicle on over 70 of the top worldwide vehicle sales websites including eBay Motors, OldRide.com, ClassicCars.com and more. Our listings are seen by OVER 5 MILLION POTENTIAL BUYERS every month. Best of all, you keep title and possession of your vehicle until it is sold, which averages 35 days.

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